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Lots and lots of changes to the Website ... ...

    I have reworked the family tree portion of the Website into a graphical format.  Check out Family Tree

    I have added photos to the Website.  Check out Photos



Reworked the Home Page by adding Wilhelmus Berke picture.  Upgraded FrontPage 2002 because of photo gallery capabilities. Because of potential privacy issues, I have decided not to include exact date of birth of any living family member.  Instead you will see the year only and a graphic with a hyperlink to a page describing this policy.  I have some concerns about making mothers maiden name so accessible, however without this information this website absolutely does not work.  Should any family member not want their information listed, I will honor that request.


I have just completed a printed list of pictures that were sent to Ben Berke for his comments.  As soon as they come back, I will post them.  There are about 75 pictures in this first gallery.  Check out this sample of some of my favorite pictures.


I have pictures of the Herman John Berke family (my great grandfather) which I got from my uncle Gerald Berke.  That is my next project.  Great pictures of the Mill in Britton, South Dakota and family home from 1890 - 1900.


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More to follow................................


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