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Photo Gallery Number 5

Clark Berke, Willis Berke, Phyllis Berke, Jerrold Berke, Donald Berke, Florence Berke, Roman Berke

Picture was taken in November 1945

This is a ‘restored’ black and white copy of the photo below

Rose Bridget Hay Berke – Wife of Herman John

This is a colorized black and white photo.  Sorry the original is very faded.  See B/W picture above

Bryan Jennings Berke, Roman Herman Berke, Lillian Berke Wade


Lillian Berke (17), Roman Berke (13), Bryan Berke (8) 

While attending school for the Deaf in Sioux Falls SD; 1904


Herman Oscar Frederick Berke?  - Age 1 year.  1895?

Frances Zimmer., Irene Cowley, Vera Zimmer. Carlson, Johnny Zimmer

John Zimmer, John (Johnny) Zimmer, Jr.

Vernie Berke Zimmer, Mayme Berke, Rose Berke Sullivan, Herman Oscar Fredrick Berke, Roman Herman Berke – 5 of 8 children of Herman John Berke

Roman Herman Berke, Jerrold Berke, Bryan Berke

Bryan Berke, Phyllis Berke Hildenbrand, Roman Herman Berke, Willis Berke, Florence Berke (wife of Roman), Jerrold Berke, Janet Berke (wife of Clark), Clark Berke

Aug. 30, 1948; Lillian Berke Wade, Genevieve Berke (wife of Bryan), Bryan Berke, Florence Berke (wife of Roman Herman Berke)

Roman Herman Berke, Herman Oscar Frederick Berke, Florence Berke – Wife of Roman Herman, Dorothy Agnes Berke – Wife of Herman Oscar, Rose Berke Sullivan, Marilyn Berke – Daughter of Herman Oscar, (Dick) Charles Berke – Youngest son of Herman,  Mayme Berke, Dan Sullivan – Husband of Rose, Vernie (Veronica) Francis Berke, John Zimmer – Husband of Veronica

 This picture was taken in the back of Herman John Berke home in Montrose South Dakota.

 This picture was taken the same time as Photo 00044 – That picture is dated 1940

Ralph & Betty Berke, June 1945

Dorothy Berke Russo,  Johnny Berke.

Lillian Berke Wade  Roman Berke    Wallace Wade

Lyle Wade and Carole

On back: On April 21st, Easter, 1946 Lyle and Daughter, Carole, 4 yrs. Old

Roman Berke, Bryan Berke

Weber Wade, Lillian Berke Wade ????

Herman Oscar Frederick Berke, Vernie Berke Zimmer, Mayme Berke, Rose Berke Sullivan, Lillian Berke Wade, Roman Herman Berke. – 6 of 8 children of Herman John Berke

This is the H. Berke flower mill in Montrose South Dakota.  We think that this picture was taken in 1920. 

This is the first mill that Herman John Berke managed in Montrose South Dakota.  This mill burned in the winter of 1899.


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