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Photo Gallery Number 4

Mayme Berke, age 20 1902

Roman Berke, Florence Berke, Weber Wade

Unknown Persons

Irene Zimmer Cowley

John Zimmer and his prize Studebaker that he won at the bazaar Oct. 8th

Roman Herman Berke.   2 persons inside car are unknown

Veronica Francis Berke Zimmer, Mayme Berke, Lillian Wade Berke Genevieve Berke, Bryan Berke, Florence Berke, Roman Herman Berke


 Berke Clan: Aug. 1948 in Montrose, SD; at Herman John Berke house

Family Reunion of the Berke’s taken in Montrose Sept. 1941

 Front Row Left: Jerrold, Dick, Dorothy, John, Donald

2nd Row Left: Roman, Florence, Lillian, Phyllis, Clark, Rose, Vernie Zimmer

3rd Row Left: Mayme, Dan Sullivan, Herman, Dorothy, Irene, John Zimmer

4th Row (porch) Left:  Unknown, Wally Wade, Willis, Johnny

Mayme Berke,  Rose Berke,   Vernie Berke,  Herman Oscar Fredrick,  Dick Berke

Family Reunion of the Berke’s taken in Montrose Sept. 1941

Oops ! - Photo Number 71 is duplicate...

Oops ! - Photo Number 72 is duplicate

Oops ! - Photo Number 73 is duplicate.

This is the mill in Britton South Dakota that was managed by Herman John Berke. 

Copy of Picture 00001 – This copy is scanned in high resolution

 Berke Opera House – Montrose South Dakota

Bryan Jennings Berke,  Picture taken March 1948 at Betty’s wedding

Herman John Berke

This is a colorized black and white photo.  Sorry the original is very faded. 

Reverse of postcard shown below.  Click on thumbnail for text and details

Postcard of Herman John Berke home with H. Berke Mill in the background. We think that this postcard was made in 1905.

 The reverse of this postcard is above

Lillian Berke, Herman John Berke, Bryan Berke, Roman Berke, William Berke   Unknown, Rose Berke

 Herman John Berke home in Montrose South Dakota.  We think that this photo was taken in 1910.

 Many of the family pictures taken later were taken around this house.


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