Roger's Description of this photo

This photo is from the photo album that is in the possession of John Zimmer, of Parker SD.  Thanks to John for allowing me to scan this series of photos.


The persons on the right side of this photo is unquestionably Wilhelm and Veronica Berke.  You can check this out from a known photo of the two from c. 1899.


The persons on the left are a little tougher as they do not show in any other photos. 


I believe that this is "Jacob" Reyholt Jacob Golish (b. 1840), and his wife Maria (b. 1846).  I believe that Jacob is Veronica Golisch Berke brother.


I believe that this photo was taken in about 1876 the year that both Wilhelm, Veronica, Jacob and Maria immigrated to the United States. This would make Wilhelm 55  years old, Veronica 43 years old, Jacob 36 years old and Maria 30 years old.


The photo left is extracted from Jacob Golish family photo from 1910.  Click here to see entire family photo.


I believe that Jacob is about 35 years older in the photo on the left.


Let me know what you think.






Notice Jacob wearing what looks like military uniform with 'military' removed.  His hat is very similar to German Military hat shown below.







Notice the 'working' clothes and shoes on the men.


- Roger Berke - February 2004


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