Wilhelmius Berke

Born: ???? ??? Location

Married:  ??? Location

Died:  ???? 

Burial: Berlin ???



Father Name:  Unknown

Mother Maiden Name: 

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Maria Von Gurska (or Pruska)  

Born: ?????


Died:  1914

Burial: Berlin 




Father Name:  ??

Mother Maiden Name:  ??



Children: Date of Birth: Where Born: Died: Married To:
 Wilhelm  1819  Posen? Oberniki?  1904 (85)  Veronica Golisch
 Ludwig  1831  Posen? Oberniki?  1886  Carolyn
 Ferdinand   October 1834  Posen? Oberniki?  October 20, 1901 - Los Angeles, CA  Minne Spring
 Karoline or Caroline  1836  Posen? Oberniki?  1899 Age 92 in Berlin  Mallack


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Wilhelmis Berke was an Architect in Berlin and said to have contributed to one of the cathedrals built in his day.  Maria was a countess, the younger sister of several brothers.  When she married Willhelmius - a Catholic - she was disinherited and divested of everything except her right to spend her last years in a home in Berlin where she died in 1914. 


The family's move to America started during the reign of Bismarck "The Iron Chancellor" with number 2 and 3 sons, Frederick and Ludwig.  One (Probably Ferdinand) was in the German army, the other due for call-up.  Both took off for America -- probably in the mid 1850's to early 1860's.  They settled in Northfield, Minnesota where Ludwig lived out his life.  Ferdinand  was was still there at the time of Jesse James' raid (September 7, 1876), later moving to Los Angeles, His home was at 145 South Bunker Hill Avenue, Los Angels, CA.  The house was torn down in the 1950's


Frederick and Ludwig were followed to America by Herman and Albert - Number 1 and 2 sons of Wilhelm, the oldest son of Willhelmius and Maria - who joined Uncles Fredrick and Ludwig in Northfield Minnesota probably in late 1860's to early 1870's.


In 1874 Frederick, Ludwig and Nephews Herman and Albert brought oldest brother  Wilhelm,  wife Veronica and three youngest children, Anna, Mary and Roman (Age 5) over to Northfield.


Wilhelm, Frederick and Ludwig's sister Caroline remained in Germany.