Roman Berke 

Born: 4/15/1869  Posen Germany

Married:  Mabel Stanford 10/4/1905

      Saint Charles Church, Minneapolis, MN

Died:  6/14/1943

Burial: 6/17/1943 - Lot 152 Calvary Cemetery, Northfield, MN


Father Name: Wilhelm Berke

Mother Maiden Name:  Veronica Golish

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Mabel L. Stanford

Born: 4/12/1883, Dundas, MN


Died:  11/17/1922 - Rochester, MN

Burial:  11/25/1922 - Lot 152 Calvary Cemetery, Northfield, MN


Father Name:  Benjamin T. Stanford

Mother Maiden Name:  Ellen Kent (Rolph)

Notes:  Ellen Kents first husband died leaving her with 4 children.  Benjamin's first wife died leaving him with 1 child

Children: Date of Birth: Where Born: Died: Married To:
Raymond 4/14/1907  Northfield, MN 5/2/1909  Died 2 yrs old - Brights Disease
Bernard S. Berke 1916

Northfield, MN   Helen F. Piepho


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For several years was the largest private employer in Northfield MN in his cigar factory - up to 30 men.  He made the best selling cigar in southern Minnesota.  He operated the cigar factory / store from about 1900 to 1915.  He owned and operated a bar in Dundas, MN from about 1915 - 1917.  Was on City Council, was city bandmaster and music teacher, and had a dance orchestra for 35 years. Cornet was favorite instrument.  All sports, good horses, dogs and reading were his hobbies.  He was well liked by many friends and was generous to a fault.