Herman John Berke 

Born: 1/13/1856 Posen Germany

Married:  Rose Bridget Hay - February 21, 1881 in Catholic Church Northfield, MN

Died:     5/24/1921 -  Montrose SD

Burial: Catholic Cemetery in Montrose


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Father Name:  Wilhelm Berke

Mother Maiden Name:  Veronica Golisch

Rosalia (Rose) Bridget Hay

Born: March 17, 1861


Died:  11/17/1933 - Stroke

Burial: .Catholic Cemetery in Montrose



Father Name:  Nicholas Hay

Mother Maiden Name:  Maria A. Nimsgern



Children: Date of Birth: Where Born: Died: Married To:
Rosa J. (Rose)  1882   1963 ?? Dan Sullivan
Mary (Mayme) J.  1/2/1883   11/1962

-= Single =-

Social # 504-20-5550

William John  11/15/1884  Dundas, MN  6/15/1914  -= Single =-
Lillian  4/21/1887  Lime Springs IA  3/13/1960 Webber Thomas Wade
Veronica Francis  1889     1981 John Zimmer 
Roman Herman  1/25/1891  Britton, SD  11/20/1968 Florence Stearns
Herman Oscar Frederick  9/2/1894  Britton, SD  4/17/1961 Dorothy Boyle - 1921
Bryan Jennings  11/26/1896  Montrose, SD  6/7/1949 (52) Genevieve Schachte


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Business Card - H. Berke Proprietor of Montrose Roller Mills

Flyer advertising Concert Dance and Supper - February 22,1908

Information from Veronica Francis Berke Zimmer of Sioux Falls, SD dated 1952  Herman John came to America at the age 17 and joined his brother Albert in Northfield, MN.  Entered milling business at age 22.  He followed that occupation until his death.  Came to Britton, SD in 1889 to manage the mill there until 1895.  Moved to Montrose in 1895 to take over the flower mill.  The mill burned down in the winter of 1899.  He then built a new flower mill and 2 elevators in 1900 and a 10 room home nearby the mill by the next year.  He was nominated on Democratic ticket for Senator of N.E. Cook County  but the Republican won.  Rose Bridget Hay Berke was born in Johnsburg Ill March 17, 1861.  Her mother was born in Onlieans??  France.  They came to Chicago, Ill. in 1833.  Nicholas cousin was John Hay a lawyer and statesman in Springfield, Ill.  He lived near Abraham Lincoln.  He became a Secretary to Lincoln in 1860.  Grandfather Hay served in the Mexican and Civil War.  Rose Berke died from a stroke November 7, 1933 in her home in Montrose SD.

Information from Ben Berke Herman learned the milling business as a young man in the Archibald mill in Dundas MN.  Later he moved to South Dakota where he owned and operated a successful string of mills and elevators in the Britton - Montrose area.  He was active in politics and built an opera house for the city of Mitchell.  The milling technique developed at the Archibald Mill was adopted by the Saint Anthony Mill which became the worlds leading milling center