Albert Berke 

Born: 1854 - Posen

Married:  Anna Palmer

Died:  March 2, 1922


Burial - Calvary Cemetery  - Saint Paul

Father Name:  Wilhelm Berke

Mother Maiden Name:  Veronica Golish

Occupation - Cabinet Maker

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Anna Palmer

Born: March 21, 1858 in New York

Died:  June 20, 1926

Burial: Calvary Cemetery - St. Paul

Father Name:  John Palmer - Germany

Mother Maiden Name:  Margant Coates - Germany

                          (Not sure on spelling of her first name)
Occupation - Housewife

Children: Date of Birth: Where Born: Died: Married To:





John Schwartz

Louis (Louie) Herman

 February 1880



Silvia Bricko

Peter Long

 March 17, 1882


February 23, 1938

Calvary Cemetery - St. Paul






Daniel Nelson

Frank Albert

 January 1, 1889


February 15, 1946

Elmhurst Cemetery - St. Paul

Sarah Viola Schnitzus

Clara S.



April 27, 1986 -Dawson Montana

Fred Knepper or Knipper

Morden Ennis

Charles Albert

 September 11, 1895

Saint Paul, MN

Died in Montana


Elizabeth V. or B.

 February 6, 1897


July 18, 1955

William Schaden

Albert was Cabinet Maker by trade. 


Per Dawn (Berke) Rooney - September 2002

The family lived in house at 1663 Reaney Street on St. Paul, MN east side.


Frank Albert - Occupation:  Painter - Minnesota Mining (This may be 3M, I'm not sure yet) Frank and Sarah divorced, I don't know when but his address upon death was stated as Como Hotel.  This was located in the Rice Street area.

Peter Long - Occupation:  General Manager/Pres. of Zenith Box and Lumber Co. - retired in 1937 when he became ill.  The death certificate stated "carcinorma of the stomache".


Notes from Willis Berke (from 1950?)

Frank - Lives in Saint Paul, MN has 3 children

Louis - Address: 839 Edmund Street Saint Paul, MN.  Painter - Has 4 children

Charles - Died in Montana - Wife name not known

Clara - 2 children - Lived in Saint Paul, MN at one time

Margaret - 1730 Van Buren, Saint Paul, 3 girls

Elizabeth - 2137 Harriet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN.  1 boy

Peter - Son and daughter.  Owned Zenith Box and Lumber Company in Duluth, MN - Died in Duluth.  Wife name Catherine

Anne - 2 children - 1 daughter married to Borgerding


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